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Millard Consulting Joins CEED Scotland

CEED is a growing community of businesses and academics. We’ve joined together to pool our talents, expertise, experience and resource in the pursuit of operational excellence within our own organisations – and yours. In doing so, our aim is to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness – improvements that will impact the bottom line.  As a community, what binds us together is the common aspiration to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately profit. We do this by pooling our collective expertise, resources, knowledge and experience to solve specific operational challenges and improve general operational performance.

The Centre for Engineering Education and Development, or CEED, works with a diverse range of companies all over Scotland, including Insights, whose global headquarters are based in Dundee.  Other member companies are Michelin, Tokheim, Standard Life, Glenmorangie, Mitsubishi Electrical, Portakabin, Thermo Fisher and Scottish Water  – to name but a few.  We can now add our own name to that list!

CEED pr500px_ceed_with_jpgovides training “Clinics” covering topics as varied as Lean Manufacturing, Performance Measurement and Management, Innovation, Process Excellence, Health & Safety, Inter Company Training, Procurement and Supply Chain, Aerospace and Defence, Energy, Leadership, Project Management and the Environment.  You can also read about CEED’s Growth 500 programme which runs in conjunction with the training clinics and aims to help companies develop even further.

We are committed to growing and developing as an organisation by making sure all our staff have the opportunity to train and better themselves, in order to provide a better service and standard of work to our clients.  CEED displays each of their member’s company logos on their website along with a description of their business and you can find all of the information about Millard Consulting on the website here.


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