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Charity Football Match – The Scores Are In!

Charity Football Match – The Scores are in!

Friday 9th December’s football match between Millard Consulting and Jon Frullani Architect was an absolute nail biter! But, with regret, we have to admit a shocking defeat of 9 – 7!!

Jon Frullani’s attempt to slow us down by sending over a Dominoes pizza on Friday lunch time worked despite our retaliation by sending them back a tray of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

The teams played well and Millard Consulting took a 3 – 0 lead, but a very unfortunate own goal for Millard’s – courtesy of a certain technician, who shall remain nameless – helped seal our fate. Even multiple goals from Derek, Brian and Joe still weren’t enough to bring us back into the game!

The teams were still on friendly enough terms to share a delicious meal at the Meathouse afterwards. They enjoyed some well-earned food and some rest (once they all got their breath back!)

Nevertheless, a total £300 has been raised for Cash for Kids and is on it’s way over to the charity. And who knows, maybe next year will bring a rematch?!

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