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Future Found

‘Future Found’ Foundations

We at Millard Consulting have been involved in using an innovative foundation solution for one of our housing developer clients with sites in Dundee.

Future Found is a type of insulated foundation system where the foundations and ground floor of a building are fully insulated. The foundations consist of raft/semi-raft construction with rigid insulation positioned below and around the sides of the foundations. The rigid insulation acts as a permanent formwork for the foundations. Future Found is the only UK insulated foundation system with BBA certification.

The foundation system is ideal for domestic dwelling up to two stories high and can allow the foundations and ground floor structure to be poured in one step. The system also allows construction on sites with poor ground conditions with minimal excavation.

Some of the main advantages of the Future Found system are that it can be used on sites with poor ground conditions (minimum bearing capacity 35kN/m2).  It can be a cheaper and quicker foundation option compared to traditional foundations.  Future Found is easy to install and it also provides low U-values and significantly reduces cold bridging.

For more information on this cutting edge foundation solution, head over to the website.

Words by Sarah Bruce.  Edited by Fiona Munro.


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