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Harris Academy House Championship

Harris Academy House Championship

Congratulations to Cawdor who won the Harris Academy House Championship for the first time in 33 years! 

The Houses – Birnam, Cawdor and Forres – are names referred to in William Shakespeare’s MacBeth. The fourth House – Kinloch – comes from the name of a former Dundee MP George Kinloch and from the village of Kinloch. Houses compete against each other in Interhouse competitions; both sporting and academic. They receive points for their endeavours and success, and at the end of the year, the points are totalled to declare the winner of the house championship.   See some of the previous House Championship Winners listed below.

2004 – 2007  – Kinloch

2007 – 2008  – Forres

2008 – 2013  – Kinloch

2013 – 2015  – Birnam

2015 – 2016  – Kinloch

2016 – 2017  – Cawdor

Millard House Champion

Pictured below is Cawdor House Captain Jack Purves, proudly displaying the Millard Consulting House Championship Shield.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take them another 33 years to win it again!

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