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Mill of Mains Construction Fire

A fire swept through a building plot at the Mill O’ Mains development last week. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, though as shown in the video below, the inferno raged for over an hour as two crews of Fire Fighters brought it under control. While locals claim the fire was set deliberately by youngsters from the neighbourhood an investigation is underway into the cause.

The house which will need to be completely rebuilt after the construction site fire was one of the few remaining development plots of Phase 3 of the Home Group, Mill O’ Mains regeneration. Many of the Phase 3 houses have already been handed over providing new homes for local residents.  This meant that residents in neighbouring new houses watched aghast as flames leapt up from the building site a few metres away.

Millard have been working with Home Group, providing civil, structural and environmental engineering services. Hart Construction site Engineer, Mitch Ryder told us the properties were fitted with Protec flame retardant boarding. This is a standard safety precaution designed to contain any fires that may occur. It was this boarding that prevented the flames spreading sideways to more seriously affect neighbouring houses. While the building materials have effectively been reduced to ashes, the fire retardant boarding remains standing. Nonetheless, the heat from the flames was hot enough to melt adjacent guttering and crack the glass. A frightening experience for all involved and hopefully not to be repeated.

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