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Contamination Reports And Environmental Risk Assessment Dundee Perth
Contamination Reports And Environmental Risk Assessment Dundee Perth
Contamination Reports And Environmental Risk Assessment Dundee Perth
Contamination Reports And Environmental Risk Assessment Dundee Perth
Millard Consulting cover all stages of land quality assessment from due diligence to remediation verification.
Strategic land assessment
Hydrogeological risk assessment
Demolition project management
Pre-planning risk screening
Water supply site assessment reports
Purification of planning conditions
Asbestos risk assessment / management
Phase I, II and III risk assessment
Qualitative risk assessment
Detailed quantitative risk assessment
Remediation implementation planning
Remediation strategy development
Waste management plans
Remediation verification

At Millard we understand when your objective is to complete a development the last thing you want is to get bogged down in land contamination issues. Land contamination assessment is essential to manage liability of land acquisition, divestment and property development. With focusing on a brownfield development opportunity an appreciation of land quality is important at an early stage in site selection, feasibility assessment and development planning. Being well informed ensures unforeseen ground conditions do not escalate costs or hold up progress once a project has gained momentum. Millard has over 35 years environmental experience in-house and brings added value to the development process. Our geo-environmental risk assessment consultants apply bespoke risk assessment methodology to rapidly focus on key issues for gaining regulatory approval.

Geo-environmental Risk Assessment

Contaminated land risk assessments are required by Planning authorities on all brownfield developments. Our experience is that early and constructive engagement with the risk assessment process removes obstacles. We apply our comprehensively developed in-house risk assessment methodology to ensure the land contamination assessments and solutions we recommend stand up to scrutiny and are justifiable.  We deal with contamination issues constructively, achieving regulatory confidence and easing the approval process. With our broad range of private and public sector professional experience, we have too often seen poorly defined risk assessment lead to costly and unnecessary remediation. It is our job to offer robust and defensible conclusions and remediation recommendations that are the minimum work necessary to reduce specific risks to acceptable levels.

An understanding of ground conditions not only informs risk assessment but is necessary for the design and certification of foundations, and site infrastructure.  Our consultants have a clear focused approach to land contamination risk assessment and management and work together with architects, infrastructure, and structural engineers to create development solutions that design out problems and provide viable solutions.

Experience shows that with the right approach many brownfields can successfully be made suitable for new use, without significant complication or cost. On each project, our range of environmental services will be tailored to your site specific requirements.  We are happy to advise what level of engagement will be needed to address brownfield issues on your site, so please feel free to ask us today how we can help you realise your development goals.

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