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Our ground engineering consultancy services cover all issues relating to development planning from soft ground to mining instability.
Stage 1 Desk Study
Stage 2 ground Investigation
Shallow and deep foundation evaluation
Foundation Zoning
Earthworks design and specification
Geo-hazard assessments
Coal Mining Risk Assessment
Mineral Stability Investigations
Mine gas risk assessment

Ground Engineering & Geotechnical Services

Difficult and unforseen ground conditions can absorb significant abnormal costs, which can be critical to project viability, especially if costs associated with geotechnical problems and ground engineering solutions are not appreciated at the outset. Development land may be strategically situated and the right size, but not every piece of available land has suitable ground conditions for structural development.

Man made ground, soft or compressible soils, shallow bedrock, unstable mining areas, steep slopes and high groundwater table can all lead to additional works, or even economically undevelopable areas of land. At Millard we offer various scales of ground investigation, suited to the developers requirements, whether that is speculative or preliminary risk assessment, or detailed investigation in support of full building warrant design. On smaller jobs we specialise in mini rig investigations to gain maximum information with the smallest amount of time and cost for clients.

Investigations typically begin with a desk study and a review of published geology plans. A site walkover is usually advised so that we can provide site specific recommendations based upon the current condition of the land. On brownfield our advice typically covers how best to engineer new foundations on previously disturbed and unreliable ground. On greenfield and especially larger developments a foundation zoning plan may be necessary where ground conditions change across geological boundaries.

Our investigations are often joined up with land contamination investigation. We provide free no obligations quotes and advice on how to get the information needed to support your planning and building warrant plans.

Services we provide

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