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Colquhalzie Drainage
Colquhalzie Drainage

Project details

Colquhalzie House

Flood Risk and Infrastucture

 Cost:  Confidential

Project description

 Colquhalzie House, a listed building aged approximately 300 years old.  The house has had issues with failing drainage and flooding in recent years which has resulted in surface water ponding around the building, damp within the building and concerns regarding future structural damage. The house is particularly vulnerable to flooding from surface water run off due to its low-lying position. Millard Consulting were appointed to investigate the root causes of the flooding and drainage problems.

To gain a complete understanding of the issues, Millard Consulting carried out a detailed assessment, including surveys of the grounds around Colquhalzie House and its drainage system. This included procurement of a topographical survey of the grounds and building, plus a CCTV survey of the underground drainage elements including foul and surface water pipework, chambers, culverts and outfalls.

Flood alleviation proposals were designed to reduce flood risk to the property. These proposals included measures to intercept overland flow, replacement and upgraded pipework, and improvements to the existing drainage around the building itself.  In particular, the design included measures to reduce the risk of damp within the house.  This was achieved using a filter trench system around the property, utilising both permeable and impermeable membranes.

The construction was completed in Autumn 2016, and has shown immediate benefits both internally and within the grounds of Colquhalzie.

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