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Project details

“Environmental investigation and risk assessment for proposed use, water environment and wildlife corridor, to support planning permission for re-development”

Grants Craigmills Caravans


Project description

Millard were originally commissioned in 2008 to prepare a stage I environmental desk study to establish the sites setting to support a proposed planning application for re-development of storage areas into a caravan park. In Spring of 2015 we were commissioned to complete a stage II ground investigation and risk assessment, in line with desk study recommendations. The site, lying on the edge of the Dighty burn in Angus and bordering a designated wildlife corridor, had been substantially upfilled historically, to create the current tiered and levelled site. Investigations were required to satisfy the Council that made ground was not presenting a risk to the proposed development or water environment adjacent to the site.

Trial pit and borehole investigations were completed along with monitoring from groundwater and gas installations. We compiled a risk assessment for the proposed use and extended that to consider potential risk to the water environment, including modelling the fate of contaminants during transport to the burn. Assessments were completed to the Council’s satisfaction in compliance with planning conditions.

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