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Flood Risk Assessment

The assessment of flood risk receives an increasing amount of attention, driven both by climate change and competing pressures for limited developable land. All new developments or change of use proposals which appear to be at risk of flooding in Scotland must comply with Scottish Planning Policy which refers to the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. This sets in place a statutory framework for delivering a sustainable and risk-based approach to managing the risk of flooding, including the preparation of assessments of the likelihood and impacts of flooding.

We offer a full range of services for flood risk assessment, including management of river, coastal and urban flood risks and providing innovative yet cost effective solutions where required.

Flood Mitigation                                              Run-off Control

Assessment of Risk                                         River and Water Course Hydraulic Modelling

Flood Protection                                              Drainage Improvement and Design

Rainfall Analysis                                              Expert Witness

Catchment Analysis                                        Pre-purchase Assessments

Flood Management Plans                              Insurance Assessments

Run-off Potential                                             Flow Modelling

When a potential flood risk is identified by either SEPA, the Environment Agency or the Local Authority on a proposed development site then a flood risk assessment is required before Planning approval. Our experience demonstrates that early engagement with the regulatory authorities can ensure risk management is dealt with constructively, easing the approval process.

Early assessment means that flood mitigation measures, where required, can be incorporated into the development design as a site goes forward through planning. By appreciating potential flood risk at the outset, cost effective design measures can be tabled for approval by the regulators. This may include minimising the potential impact on other developments, consideration of extra drainage provision, protective earthworks or compensatory flood plain.

Our team has over 30 years’ experience and provide site specific advice on all aspects of flood risk, including development scheme feasibility and risk management requirements in order to achieve a cost effective solution.

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