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Project details

"A hydrological study of the estate and golf courses and groundwater borehole resource utilisation project."

Gleneagles Hotel



Project description

Millard were commissioned to develop a borehole supply of water to a landscaping feature pond within a new residential timeshare development complex on the grounds of the hotel.

Following detailed discussions to establish the project brief we undertook to liaise with SEPA, SNH and Perth & Kinross Council to agree the extent of investigation and permissions required. A water features survey was completed of Gleneagles Estate including three golf courses. Monitoring was undertaken on numerous watercourses, ponds and existing boreholes as well as in the Gleneagles Mire SSSI. Necessary permissions were obtained for drilling and borehole testing for the resource utilisation.

Services also included facilitation of foul drainage connections to the sewage treatment works for the development and CAR license application to SEPA for the abstraction.

Working closely with Raeburn Drilling (borehole drilling contractor) and Geodivining International (specialist water resources hydrologist), we performed the following tasks:

  • Initial discussions with client to establish brief;
  • Discussions with SEPA, SNH and Perth & Kinross Council to agree extent of investigations and permissions required;
  • Undertake water features survey of whole of Gleneagles Estate and surroundings including all three golf courses;
  • Obtain permissions for drilling and testing of boreholes;
  • Conduct water features monitoring including numerous watercourses, ponds, existing boreholes and an SSSI site (Gleneagles Mire);

The project was completed to satisfaction in April 2004.

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