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Lomghaugh Road Pitkerro Road
Lomghaugh Road Pitkerro Road

Project details

"Environmental and geotechnical investigations, human health and water environment risk assessments of a former Mill complex within a wildlife corridor"

Robertson Partnership Homes


42 Units

Project description

Millard have been involved for a number of years with a former textile Mill and Bleach works site in Dundee. The site had been re-developed commercially in the 1970’s, though development had remained incomplete due to a number of engineering issues pertaining to poor ground quality and relict contamination.

The existing commercial buildings were removed and strategically replaced in a more discreet location in 2016. This opened up the site enabling access for a residential re-development. Various issues had to be considered in the geo-environmental risk assessment, including the location of underground petrol storage, chimneys, boiler houses, coal stores, an infilled mill sluice and lade pond.

Millard have been involved in several stages of investigation both environmental and geotechnical over a number of years, for a number of clients. Services have included procuring investigations and laboratory analysis for human health and hydrogeological risk assessments, including DQRA and asbestos risk assessment in relation to demolition rubble.

Our work culminated in a Remediation Implementation Plan for a housing scheme in detailed design early 2019. Investigations have also had to inform the multidisciplinary engineering options for site which were complicated by the presence of contaminated made ground at a low lying level and the need to raise the site for a viable surface water drainage solution.

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