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Project details

"Our in-house environmental risk assessors facilitated the planned expansion of this site, ensuring all hazards associated with former military use were evaluated and remediation undertaken as necessary to make the site suitable for use."

Green Parcs ltd.

Environmental Assessment, Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment, Remedial Design, Project Management


Project description

On the banks of the River Findhorn, by the village of Mundole in Morayshire, the caravan site had been used as a WWII airfield with relict infrastructure still clearly visible. Planning had been granted to increase the number of caravan pitches and to rezone the permitted uses. However due to its former use the local council were concerned about the potential presence of unexploded ordnance and historic contamination from the airfield fuel dump. The sites’ close proximity to the River Findhorn meant any contamination was a potentially sensitive issue for water quality and also raised the risk of flooding.

Environmental investigations proceeded to evaluate contamination and flood risks. A detailed quantitative risk assessment was completed for groundwater flow to the river and a risk management strategy recommended for making the site suitable for use, including material removal and management of invasive hogweed.

The project included liaison with regulators to gain approval for risk assessments and remedial measures, including bespoke gas protection which was designed for the site-specific structures being built.

Millard Consulting has provided the following services:

  • Design and supervision of environmental site investigation
  • Phase II environmental risk assessment
  • P20 groundwater risk assessment
  • Advice on invasive plant management
  • Remediation Strategy
  • Flood risk assessment and mitigation design
  • Liaison with local authority and SEPA
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