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Project details

"The site at Wester Restenneth is sandwiched between the Old Brechin Road and the Montrose Road on the eastern outskirts of Forfar. Years of gravel extraction meant major earthworks and infrastructure provision were required to create this new development."

Guild Homes (Tayside) Limited

Environmental, Project Management, Infrastructure, CDM


Project description

Over a ten year period there had been a series of site investigations and planning applications for the site in Forfar, which sought to establish an economically viable redevelopment plan for the site, though none had come to fruition.

Millard Consulting worked closely with Guild Homes to tackle the issues associated with the former use of the land and develop a viable redevelopment strategy to overcome the challenging topography, environmental condition and provision of extensive on and off-site infrastructure.

Millard Consulting has provided the following services:

  • Site investigation and risk assessment
  • Remediation strategy and verification
  • Drainage and roads design
  • Earthworks cut and fill design
  • Development and coordination of the off-site infrastructure and services provision
  • Tendering and contract documentation
  • CDM coordinator
  • Structural design
  • Site supervision
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