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Millard Consulting seek to continue providing a consistent and reliable high quality service, while maintaining our position as an adviser and user of new and sustainable technology. We recognise the need for standardised systems to continuously monitor and review our performance. With these systems we can ensure a high quality of service delivery and application of the most relevant sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions to running the business process.

To this end, we operate a Quality Management System that has gained ISO 9001 : 2008 certification, an Environmental management System which has gained ISO14001 : 2015 certification and a Health and Safety Management System which has gained ISO 45001 : 2018 certification. These systems apply to aspects of civil, structural, environmental and sustainable engineering design and consultancy services.

A prime example of our commitment to high quality is that two of our structural staff are registered with SER and can certify structural designs for building warrant.

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ISO9001 policy

It is our aim to provide defect free products to our clients, on time and within budget. To this end, we operate a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certification. This includes aspects specific to civil, structural, environmental and sustainable engineering design and consultancy services.

The management is committed to:

  1. Develop and improve the Quality Management System
  2. Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  3. The enhancement of client satisfaction

Our Quality Management System is defined in our Quality Manual. All our staff are familiar with this manual and abide with its contents.  As a matter of course, quality performance is monitored and when appropriate improvements are implemented.

ISO14001 policy

Millard Consulting recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to civil, structural, environmental and sustainable engineering design and consultancy services. To this end, we consider it responsible and appropriate to be an ISO14001 registered company. We operate an Environmental Management System, in accordance with our policy and principles of working in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.  It is the Organisation’s declared policy to operate with and to maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies.

It is the Organisation’s objective to carry out all measures reasonably practicable, to meet, exceed or develop all necessary or desirable requirements and to continually improve environmental performance through the implementation of the following:

  1. Assess and regularly re-assess the environmental effects of the Organisation’s activities.
  2. Training of employees in environmental issues.
  3. Minimise the production of waste.
  4. Minimise material wastage.
  5. Minimise energy wastage.
  6. Promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
  7. Prevent Pollution in all of its forms.
  8. Control noise emissions from operations.
  9. Minimise the risk to the general public and employees from operations and activities undertaken by the Organisation.

This Policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors and is made available to the public.

ISO45001 Policy

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Millard Consulting has two full-time staff who are Approved Certifier’s of Design under the Structural Engineers Registration Ltd (SER Ltd) scheme.

With the introduction of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 the structural engineering community was encouraged to take a comprehensive and engaged overview of the construction process from design to the approval of construction.

The Act encouraged a holistic overview from design to completion of any building project by enabling an engineer who is a member of the Scheme as an Approved Certifier of Design (Building Structures) to certify the structural design of buildings in Scotland and to include a certificate with the application to Local Authorities for Building Warrant.

The certifying engineer is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the design of the structure of a project satisfy the requirements of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004. The new legislation also makes engineers who are responsible for building structures specifically aware of their responsibilities and duties in the design, thus improving assurance of structural safety.

Having the SER certification process in-built to our Structural Engineering Service is a cost-efficient and quality assured way of ensuring Building Warrant for the design of a client’s structure.

Strict procedures are adhered to in accepting applications by individual engineers and firms for registration to SER Ltd.

Our accreditations


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Equal Opportunities and Diversity
The Company recognises the benefits of a diverse workforce and is committed to providing a working environment that is free from discrimination.

The Company will seek to promote the principles of equality and diversity in all its dealings with employees, workers, job applicants, clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, recruitment agencies and the public.

All employees and those who act on the Company’s behalf are required to adhere to this policy when undertaking their duties or when representing the Company in any other guise.

For further details please download our full policy document.

Privacy Policy

We process personal information for certain legitimate business purposes which include, some or all, of the following:

  • Where the processing enables us to enhance, modify, personalise or otherwise improve our services/communications for the benefit of the customer.
  • To identify and prevent fraud.
  • To enhance the security of our networks and information systems.
  • To better understand how people, interact with our social media and web sites.
  • To provide postal communications which we think will be of benefit and interest to you.
  • To determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and our advertising.

Whenever we process data for these purposes we will ensure that we always keep your Personal Data rights in the highest regard and take into account all of your data protection right under any and all current UK legislation.

You have the right to object to this processing at any time. Please bear in mind that if you object, this may affect our ability to carry out the tasks above which may be of benefit to you.

Services we provide

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