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We offer a full water environment assessment and management capability from analysis and modelling to infrastructure design.
Rainfall Analysis
Catchment Analysis
Flow Estimation
Runoff Potential, Runoff Control – Assessment and design
Watercourse Hydraulics – surface profiles, flood plain storage, hydraulic modelling
Flood Mitigation – reduction of flood peaks, flood volumes, compensation volumes, escape strategies, sustainable drainage
Water Resources – ground water and surface water assessments for water supply and irrigation purposes, reservoir design
Flood Mitigation – reduction of flood peaks, flood volumes, compensation volumes, escape strategies, sustainable drainage
Hydraulic Design – water courses, bridges, culverts

Our staff have over 20 years’ experience in hydrology and can assist with your drainage design, water supply or flood risk assessment requirements.  A detailed knowledge of hydrology is vital along with experience to identify the relevant aspects of a catchments hydrology that are necessary to engineer cost effective and efficient solutions.

We can establish flooding mechanisms and drainage/flow routes and patterns, investigate water resources and oversee borehole drilling operations. The information gathered is key to informing flood risk assessment, water resource development, and sustainable drainage design, enabling accurate assessments and designs to be prepared and also to provide key evidence in expert witness cases.

An important part of the service is the creation of hydraulic models which, in conjunction with hydrological analysis allows us to predict flood levels and extents and conclude flood risk assessment for proposed development. By evaluating the impact of watercourse alterations and assessing culvert and bridge structures, we use results of hydraulic modelling to provide vital project information, enabling preparation of flood resilient proposals.  The assessment of watercourse flows, groundwater availability and assessment of catchment hydrology provides important background information to inform water resources projects and enables appropriate water supply design, whether for agricultural irrigation or domestic supply.

Our established track record includes projects across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Services we provide

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