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Battle of the Titans-Architects vs Engineers

The stakes have been set by Jon Frullani Architects as Dundee-based Engineers and Architects battle it out in a charity football fundraising fixture. For each Like of this post on Facebook, the losers will contribute a £1 donation to Cash for Kids charity. Please join in and support the cause. This festive season Millard Consulting and Jon Frullani Architects have challenged each other to a Christmas Charity Football Competition – Architects vs Engineers. The outcome of the competition, set for 9th December, will be hotly contested, with each side seeking to win a year of banter at the other team’s demise.

The two teams are apparently taking this quite seriously with a notable increase in skin tight lycra on show in the office. No doubt appearances will improve as the ban on mince pies takes effect next week and the dart board in the kitchen is replaced by a cross trainer.  Rumour has it that Ken, our Managing Director, is busy preparing one of his motivational speeches, though we’ve yet to hear if his boots have been found and a Powerpoint will be circulating shortly to explain the finer points of how to play the beautiful game on grass rather than Xbox.


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